ActivitySuite is designed specifically for the needs of Private Police, Patrol and Security Guard Companies.  Let these features prepare your company for the future of security:
Works From Anywhere Portal for Client Access
Daily Reports by Email GPS Tracking in "real" time
Code Enforcement Monthly Subscriptions starting at $99
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Sacramento, CA
"We previously used an in-house database management system that could not leverage internet connectivity.  ActivitySuite works from field laptops and reliably handles daily activity reporting for over hundreds of our sites."
Tim Huntsinger, Chief Operating Officer

Santa Clara, CA
"We updated our daily logs on spreadsheets and it was hard to manage.  Now I can produce our client reports in a fraction of the time. The GPS option tracks the location of all of our field units."
Mike Mitchell, President/CEO
Security Guard Software for
Private Police and Patrol Operators

"ActivitySuite dramatically simplified my client reporting process"

We tried using spreadsheets but they were hard to maintain and could not easily be shared.

Compiling our client reports became labor-intensive and overwhelming.

As our customer base grew, it was increasing difficult to review, edit and monitor content in a timely fashion.  

Existing software products worked to some extent. However, they had some issues:

  • Had to be installed on computers located in our office
  • Were not designed with Private Police or Security Guard's needs in mind
  • Were licensed on a per-user basis
  • Could not easily be accessed from remote locations
  • Required IT support
  • Did not integrate well with other products

    "We evaluated the free version and now use ActivitySuite on a daily basis.  It relieves the stress of producing reports -- and we're benefiting from the rich features that enhance the efficiency of our operations."

ActivitySuite was designed specifically for the needs of Private Police and Security Guard Companies.

Consider these features that separate us from conventional solutions:

  • ActivitySuite is a 100% web-based solution that does not require installation or IT infrastructure.
  • Our usage-based billing model meets the needs of Private Police and Security Guards of all sizes at a fixed monthly rate.
  • Log on to access your information from any location with internet connectivity -- from DSL to cable to mobile to Starbucks® (or any hot-spot)
  • Each functional module of ActivitySuite reports to a common database and ties in to the reporting system.
  • Instant access to site information
  • Comprehensive logging and PDF reporting system
  • Bulletin broadcast and verification system (BOLs)
  • Client Portal for controlled access to real-time information
  • Alarm Cards, Beat Sheets, Lighting Maintenance and Parking Enforcement
  • Work Shifts, Scheduling and Site Hits
  • GPS Tracking, Routing and Driving Directions

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